72 Pin Connector Podcast - Level 016

  2017-02-10 10:00 PM EST


In this episode, we discuss food, cooking, and Eric microwaving things that should be baked. After 72FoodConnector, we dive into what we’ve been playing with a heavy focus on Eric’s newest purchase: Nioh, the samurai-themed, Dark Souls-inspired, Team Ninja game. We get into a fight about WoW private servers and Sonic the Hedgehog, then we start discussing what Adam calls “Chores The Game”: Viscera Cleanup Detail.

After we finish discussing what we’ve been playing this week, we dive into the insane amount of gaming news to hit the wire this week, including: A TON of Rocket League news, lots of Valve, Steam, and Vive news, and some other cool stories.

All this and MORE in this episode of the 72 Pin Connector Podcast!

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