72PC - Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? We have answers. For the most common ones anyway…

What is 72PC?

72PC is a community of chill gamers who play a wide variety of games. One game we are particularly passionate about is Rocket League. This is how our Professional Rocket League team was born. Don’t play Rocket League? No worries, Join the Discord, we play a ton of stuff.

What does 72PC stand for?

72 Pin Connector.

What the hell is a 72 Pin Connector?

A 72 Pin Connector is the part of an NES that the cartridge slots into. It is also generally the first part of an NES that breaks down and needs to be replaced.

How long has 72PC been around?

72PC started in 2007 as a Rom-Blog. We focused on featuring retro games, reviews, and a weekly podcast were we talked about a variety of gaming topics.

Can I be a mod/content creator/social media/team member/sub/affiliate?

72PC makes a habit out of promoting from within. We aren’t going to give jobs to random people. Join the Discord, make some friends, game with us, and get to know us first. We don’t guarantee positions to anyone, but the people in those positions today have been our friends and community members for a long time. Lurk first, introduce yourself, and hang out.

Can I use the 72PC logos for Twitch, Steam, custom merch, or other things?

Sure! All 72PC Logos are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license (CC By 4.0). This means you are free to use, remix, alter, sell, and share this image as much as you want, as long as you give us credit for the original (a link to this website or “Original by 72 Pin Connector” somewhere in a description would be great). If you make something rad, we’d love to see it! Join the Discord and show off what you made.

An important note: Please don’t use our branding in your Rocket League teams unless we’ve given you explicit permission. This can cause confusion and could be against RLCS rules or regulations. See the question below for more information.

I saw a team named "72PC" something, are they affiliated with you?

No, they are not. The 72PC name is used by a lot of our fans (and sometimes by unscrupulous people looking to gain fake cred). Because our assets are under Creative Commons, people are free to use our images as they please, but this does not mean they are officially affiliated with or supported by 72PC.

The only teams officially affiliated with 72PC are as follows: