72 Pin Connector Podcast - 2021-03-20

  2021-03-20 09:00 PM EDT


In this episode we discuss what plants crave. Tom checks out new VR games Gorilla Tag and Hyper Dash, and jumps back into Death Stranding after a long hiatus from it. He also finally beat his white whale Beat Saber track: Saeed by Infected Mushroom! Erk continues his DotA 2 streak and laments the lame limitations of online Mario Party. We also touch on the new PS5 VR controller unveiling, EA Play coming to Xbox Game Pass, and Rockstar paying $10,000 to a modder for his solution to long loading times for GTA Online. All this and MORE on the 72PC Podcast!


All this and MORE in this episode of the 72 Pin Connector Podcast!

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